Payment options

The Hinanui shop offers different payment options for your orders:

* Bank wire in Euros (€) or Pacific Franc (XPF)
* Cheque in Euros (€) or Pacific Francs (XPF)
* Cash in Pacific Francs (XPF) for clients in French Polynesia (Postal cash deposit possible on request)
* Bank card secure payment in Euros starting at 10€ (Paysite Cash plateforme payment

* Paypal "money transfer" (contact us for payment info)

Your purchase item(s) will be sent to you after the reception of your payment. If you choose to pay by bank wire or cheque, please proceed to payment as soon as possible. For lack of payment, the product will put back in the online shop within the 7 following work days. 

All prices in our catalog are free of taxes. Taxes of 16% or 13% will be applied for orders made from French Polynesia (except for non-residents).

Information related to the Paysite Cash secure payment:

Paysite Cash is a bank card secure payment platform which allows a quick and efficient online payment (bank data protection, anti-fraud controls, and effective cardholder support). Many bank cards can be used: Credit card, Carte Bleue, E Carte Bleue, JCB, VISA, MasterCard.

For all questions concerning your order, contact the client support of HINANUI through our contact form or by phone + (689) 87 27 40 49.

For all questions regarding your payment with a bank card, contact the support. They will help you cancel your membership if it's the case and/or list all payments made with your card number.

The secure payment with a bank card is possible with a minimum order of 10€ (1193 XPF).

If a card holder has reached his daily or monthly payment limits and wants to be able to make more transactions, our system sends him an email in order to explain how to be whitelisted. Contact us for more info about whitelist procedure.

For all orders in XPF or Euros, you will be billed in Euros. The bank can apply additional fees for other currency conversion.