Special request, any questions ?

Write us as soon as possible using our contact form and we will answer to your needs, questions or business proposals (we answer to all messages, except to spams and intense advertise)?

Need a specific item?

Hinanui knows a large network of skilled handicraftmen in various polynesian art fields, including for the object which are not on this e-shop. If you wish to find a specific art object, send us your request with pictures and we will find the object you need. A unique art object will be created for you by a local handicraftman.

Since the beggining of 2015, in order to come to our customers' expectations satisfactory, Hinanui concentrated on the following specific requests :

* Tahitian pearls jewels (all kind)

* Bone jewels and creations from Marquesas: pendants, earrings,

* Woodcarvings from Marquesas: old art object reproduction and exception wood carving such as clubs, big tiki, paddle

* Basketwork and plaited object from Australes

If you wish to see examples of products that have been created or to get inspirations, I invite you to look at the pictures on the Hinanui Facebook profile and/or on the Hinanui Facebook page.

If you need more pictures, please write us on this website or on Facebook.

Here are examples of items ordered specifically by our customers:

Marquesan pig teeth pendant Marquesan dear horn ivi po'o pendant Marquesan dearn horn ivi po'o pendant

Marquesan pendant with bone ivi po'o and engraved tamanu seeds Marquesan bone pendant with tahitian pearl Marquesan bone pendant "matau e mo'o"

Evening necklace with mother-of-pearl and tahitian pearl Wedding jewellery with Tahitian pearl, mother-of-pearl and silver

Necklace mahana e anani Necklace tarona

Tahitian pearl trio cat. A silver, aubergine and olive green - white gold Belly button jewel with tahitian pearl