Who are we?

Born from a passion for Pacific arts and travel, Hinanui was created by Amandine Herbeth to promote the Polynesian culture in France, Europe and the rest of the world. Far from usual cliché of Tahiti and its islands, Hinanui wants to share its discovery of the Polynesian art and more specifically the Marquesan art and Polynesian jewelry.

We meet regularly the handicraftsmen in their islands or in Tahiti. In the respect of their work and the Polynesian culture, we carefully select the most exquisite objects they have to offer.


Find the Polynesian art object of your dream with a unique and personalized service


We are concerned by all products we offer; only first quality materials and fine art craft are shown through our website. All art objects are guaranteed of their Polynesian origin and handicraftman.

Proposing to art amateurs or Fenua* lovers of Polynesian art also consists in refusing to sale small identical objects made in large quantity and coming from foreign countries at low prices or even carved in low quality wood.

All proposed objects on this site are unique items.


In an ethical and a sustainable development process for French Polynesia:

  • We pay at the right price the products of the handicraftsmen
  • The handicraftsmen are only locals in Polynesia
  • We promote local suppliers to purchase our jewelry raw material, tools and services.
  • We use mostly recycled packaging
  • We avoid using plastic material


*Fenua: means land or country in Tahitian language, its represents French Polynesia